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Nature Portfolio - catalogue of photos of beetles - the order Coleoptera

Ladybugs This page lists all of the species for which we currently hold stock photos, email for previews

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Family Carabidae
Ground Beetles
Spitting Ground Beetle Calosoma auropunctatum
 Ground BeetleCarabus nitens
  Violet Ground Beetle Carabus violaceus
  Green Tiger BeetleCicindela campestris
  Wood Tiger BeetleCicindela sylvatica
  Ground Beetle Pterostichus nigrita
  Mediterranean Ground Beetle Scarites occidentalis
Family Gyrinidae
Whirligig Beetles
Whirligig Beetle Gyrinus spp

Family Scarabaeidae
Chafers and Dung Beetles
Cockchafer Melolontha melolontha
  Summer Chafer Amphimallon solstitialis
  Dune Chafer Anomala dubia
  Rose Chafer Cetonia aurata
  Oxythyrea funesta
 Garden Chafer Phyllopertha horticola
  Dung Beetle Scarabaeus laticollis
  Rhinoceros Beetle
Family Lucanidae
Stag Beetles
Stag Beetle Lucanus cervus
  Lesser Stag Beetle Dorcus parallelipipedus
 Rhinoceros BeetleSinodendron cylindricum
Family Geotrupidae
Dor Beetles
Dor Beetle Geotrupes stercorarius
  Dor Beetle Geotrupes vernalis
  Minotaur Beetle Typhaeus typhoeus
Family Buprestidae
Jewel Beetles
Buprestid Beetle
 Jewel Beetle Chrysochroa fulminans
Family Elateridae
Click Beetles
Click Beetle Athous haemorrhoidalis
 Chequered Click Beetle Prosternon tessellatum
Family Cantharidae
Soldier Beetles
Soldier Beetle Rhagonycha fulva
 Soldier Beetle Cantharis rustica
Family Lampyridae
Glow-worm Lampyris noctiluca
Family Tenebrionidae
Darkling Beetles
Sulphur Beetle Cteniopus sulphureus
  Lagria hirta
  Omophlus rufitarsis
 Fregate Island Beetle Polposipus herculeanus
 Red Flour Beetle Tribolium castaneum
Family Oedemeridae Thick-legged Flower Beetle (Swollen-thighed Beetle) Oedemera nobilis
Family Pyrochroidae
Cardinal Beetles
Black-headed Cardinal BeetlePyrochroa coccinea
  Red-headed Cardinal BeetlePyrochroa serraticornis
Family Coccinellidae
2-spot LadybirdAdalia bipunctata
 Eyed LadybirdAnatis ocellata
 Cream-spot Ladybird Calvia 14-guttata
 7-spot LadybirdCoccinella 7-punctata
 Multicolor Asian Ladybeetle
(Harlequin Ladybird)
Harmonia axyridis
 Striped Ladybird Myzia oblongoguttata
 14-spot LadybirdPropylea 14-punctata
 24-spot LadybirdSubcoccinella 24-punctata
 22-spot LadybirdThea 22-punctata
Family Meloidae
Oil Beetles
Black Oil Beetle Meloe proscarabaeus
 Violet Oil Beetle Meloe violaceus
Family Cerambycidae
Longhorn Beetles
Longhorn Beetle Agapanthea villisoviridescens
  Wasp Beetle Clytus arietus
  Longhorn Beetle Iberodorcadion sp
  Longhorn Beetle Leiopus nebulosus
  Longhorn Beetle Leptura quadrifasciata (Strangalia quadrifasciata)
  Tawny Longhorn BeetleParacorymbia fulva
  Longhorn Beetle Rhagium bifasciatum
  Longhorn Beetle Rhagium mordax
  Longhorn Beetle Rutpela maculata (Strangalia maculata)
  Longhorn Beetle Stenocorus meridianus
  Longhorn Beetle Stictoleptura rubra
Family Chrysomelidae
Leaf Beetles
Fleabane Tortoise Beetle Cassida murraea
  (Mint) Leaf Beetle Chrysolina menthastri
  (Mint) Leaf Beetle Chrysolina polita
  Poplar Leaf Beetle Chrysomela populi
  Green Leaf Beetle Cryptocephalus hypochaeridis
  Green Leaf Beetle Cryptocephalus sericeus
  Common Reed Beetle Donacia vulgaris
  Leaf Beetle Galeruca tanaceti
  Green Dock Beetle Gastrophysa viridula
  Lily Leaf Beetle (Scarlet Lily Beetle) Lilioceris lilii
  Phaedon tumidulus
  (Bedstraw) Leaf Beetle Sermylassa halensis
  Lesser Bloody-nosed Beetle Timarcha goettingenis
  Bloody-nosed Beetle Timarcha tenebricosa
Family Curculionoidae
Nettle Weevil Phyllobius pomaceus
 Nettle Weevil Phyllobius viridearis
 Hazel Nut Weevil Curculio nucum
Family Scolytidae
Bark Beetles
Elm Bark Beetle Scolytus scolytus
Family Dytiscidae
Diving Beetles
Great Diving Beetle Dytiscus marginalis
  Nebrioporus depressus elegans
Family Staphylinidae
Rove Beetles
Devil's Coach-horse Staphylinus olens
 Rove BeetleStaphylinus caesareus
Family Cieridae
Checkered Beetles
Trichodes alvearius
Family Silphidae
Burying Beetles
Oiceoptema thoracium

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