Portland Heights Special Interest Breaks
Species List     July 21st 23rd



Butterflies: 25 species,

Small Skipper, various sites

Large Skipper, Winfrith

Lulworth Skipper, Portland

Small White, Portland

Large White, various sites

Green-veined White, Portland, Winfrith

Clouded Yellow, Portland, Winfrith, White Nothe

Small Copper, Portland, White Nothe

Common Blue, Portland

Silver-studded Blue, Portland, Winfrith

Chalkhill Blue , Portland

Small Blue, Portland

Dark Green Fritillary , White Nothe

Silver-washed Fritillary, Powerstock

Red Admiral, various sites

Peacock, various sites

Painted Lady, various sites

Small Tortoiseshell, White Nothe

Wall , White Nothe

Marbled White, various sites

Meadow Brown, various sites

Gatekeeper , various sites

Grayling , Portland

Speckled Wood, various sites

Ringlet, various sites


Dragonflies: 7 species,

Banded Demoiselle, Winfrith

Common Darter , Powerstock, Winfrith

Emperor, Winfrith, Portland, Powerstock

Golden-ringed Dragonfly, Winfrith

Keeled Skimmer, Winfrith

Migrant Hawker, Portland

Southern Hawker, Winfrith


Other notable insects: 3 species

Rose Chafer, White Nothe

Rhagonycha fulva

 (soldier beetle), Winfrith

Bloody-nosed Beetle, Portland









Moths: 41 species,

Barred Rivulet, PBO moth trap

Bordered Sallow, PBO moth trap

Bright-line Brown-eye, PBO moth trap


Yellow Underwing, PBO moth trap

Brown-line Bright-eye, PBO moth trap

Brown-tail , Portland

Brussels Lace, PBO moth trap

Buff Ermine, PBO moth trap

Cinnabar, Winfrith

Common Footman, PBO moth trap

Common Rustic, PBO moth trap

Crescent Dart, PBO moth trap

Dark Arches, PBO moth trap

Dun Bar, PBO moth trap

Dusky Sallow, PBO moth trap

Early Thorn, PBO moth trap

The Flame , PBO moth trap

Garden Tiger, Portland

Knot Grass, PBO moth trap

Kent Black Arches, PBO moth trap

Lackey, Portland

Lappet, PBO moth trap

Large Yellow Underwing, Portland

Lime-speck Pug, PBO moth trap

Mother of Pearl, PBO moth trap

Oak Eggar, various sites

Pine Hawk-moth, PBO moth trap

Privet Hawk-moth, PBO moth trap

Rosy Minor, PBO moth trap

Ruby Tiger, PBO,

The Rustic, PBO moth trap

Scarlet Tiger, Portland

Shuttle-shaped Dart, PBO moth trap

Silver Y , various sites

Single-dotted Wave, PBO moth trap

Six-banded Clearwing, Portland

Six-spot Burnet, Portland

Small Blood-vein, PBO moth trap

Smoky Wainscot, PBO, White Nothe

Thistle Ermine, PBO moth trap

Vestal, PBO moth trap






Birds: 64 species

Fulmar, Portland

Cormorant, Portland

Shag, Portland

Little Egret, Ferrybridge

Grey Heron, Ferrybridge

Canada Goose, Tadnoll (heard)

Sparrowhawk, Powerstock

Buzzard, Powerstock

Kestrel, various sites

Peregrine, various sites

Oystercatcher, Ferrybridge

Ringed Plover, Ferrybridge

Sanderling , Ferrybridge

Dunlin, Ferrybridge

Mediterranean Gull, Ferrybridge

Black-headed Gull, Ferrybridge

Herring Gull, Portland

Great Black-backed Gull, Portland

Sandwich Tern, Ferrybridge

Common Tern, Ferrybridge

Little Tern, Ferrybridge

Stock Dove, various sites

Wood Pigeon, Portland

Collared Dove, Portland

Cuckoo, Winfrith

Little Owl, Portland

Nightjar, Tadnoll Heath

Swift, various sites

Green Woodpecker, Powerstock, Winfrith (heard)

Skylark, various sites

Sand Martin, Portland

Swallow, various sites

House Martin, Portland

Meadow Pipit, Portland

Rock Pipit, Portland

Wren, Portland

Dunnock, Portland

Robin, Portland

Stonechat, Winfrith

Blackbird, Portland

Whitethroat, Portland

Blackcap, Portland (heard)

Chiffchaff, Powerstock (heard)

Willow Warbler, Powerstock (heard)

Goldcrest, Powerstock (heard)

Long-tailed Tit, Powerstock (heard)

Marsh Tit, Powerstock (heard)

Coal Tit, Powerstock (heard)

Blue Tit, various sites

Great Tit, various sites

Nuthatch, Powerstock (heard)

Jay, Winfrith

Magpie, Portland

Jackdaw, Portland

Rook, Ferrybridge

Carrion Crow, Portland

Raven, Powerstock, Ferrybridge, Winfrith

Starling, Portland

House Sparrow, Portland

Greenfinch, Portland

Goldfinch, Portland

Linnet, Portland

Yellowhammer, Portland, Powerstock, Winfrith

Corn Bunting, Winterbourne Abbas, White Nothe